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A community grows best when it knows itself best.

Sikh Assembly aims to become the leading organisation that connects and represents the spectrum of Sikhs across the UK.

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News & Events

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In celebration of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, Sikh Assembly and Sikh Women's Action Network (SWAN) invite you to join Women at Work and Home. This first event will be an insight into the lives of women professionals from across the UK. Register your free place.

In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Sikh Assembly and Asian Disability Network invite you to join “Disability Discussions”, sharing the lived experience of disabled people and their families within the Sikh community. Join us on 10th December from 7 pm as we hear from a range of panellists who have experienced disability first-hand from both an individual and parental perspective. We'll also share the latest disability statistics from the 2020 survey from the British Sikh Report. Register your free place.


Coronavirus News

Information published for the Sikh Community as the pandemic continues.

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Welcome to a new future

Our vision is to best represent the needs and aspirations of British Sikhs through a single unbiased platform. This will include accessible support for initiatives, consultancy and public resources, such as excellence of work by groups and individuals.

For our formidable vision to become a reality, we will be addressing a number of topical areas affecting the UK Sikh community. We will be asking the right questions, presenting the right answers and engaging with all parties in a broad variety of arenas. As a new organisation we intend to be different. We are working to identify both progressive ideas and gaps in the Sikh community. These already include welfare, social and political arenas. Our unique charity constitution and structure will enable a strategic and unbiased operation, delivering a rich and valuable resource for broader society. A transparent and apolitical approach will embrace the core ethics and diversity of our community.

Planning today for a better tomorrow

We are already working to provide pathways and projects for partnerships, development and representation. Our collaborations will forge relationships with like-minded organisations and help strengthen our ideas and vision. Our work will facilitate community cohesion and growth. The net result of our work shall be a stronger profile of Sikh heritage and activity in society.

So what’s really different?

Sikh Assembly can only progress this groundbreaking vision through mutually beneficial participation and membership. As well as spearheading a broad range of strategic projects, we welcome project proposals from the broader membership across all UK concerns and sectors. We openly seek active members who share our vision to take part, lead and share best practice and develop the community’s footprint within broader society. There is a place for you whether you want to simply support our areas of work, suggest or lead on an idea, lobby to government, or offer patronage and sponsorship.

There’s so much more

We hope you’ll agree that it is time for a Sikh platform everyone can trust, learn from and celebrate. Help us advance the Sikh community profile and have your say. Joining our membership means that we can carry out this hugely important mission. We are planning today for the future, and invite you to join us before and beyond our official launch in early 2020. To know more about this hugely significant and exciting national venture, please contact us.



Career Advice & Mentoring

Sikh Assembly is passionate about developing career support. Covering knowledge, training, skills, endurance, performance and competence, we will provide an insight of careers to professionals as well as undergraduate and A-level students.

Critically, we will help members of the UK’s Sikh workforce across common issues. We will help those who seek to break into a particular sector, require coaching to progress their career, acquire leadership skills, or looking for a career change. Engaging with a wide range of organisations, we will create a mentoring programme for those who seek one one support.

Furthering previous work in London by Manraj Singh and Ranjeet Singh.


Disability Discussions

To raise awareness of the issues around disability within the Sikh community.

Sikh Assembly will be hosting a Disability Conference in 2020/21 supported by the Asian Disability Network. People from minority groups experience disability differently than by the wider population. For far too long, disability has carried a greater sense of negative stigma and discrimination within Asian communities, and this needs to change. The aim will be to educate, challenge perceptions and change attitudes, helping to inspire the next generation for a more inclusive world. We will explore how disability is navigated within ethnic, cultural and religious identities. The Asian Disability Network is an online platform providing information and support.

Furthering previous work by Shani Kaur Dhanda and the Asian Disability Network


Sikh Women’s Action Network

To engage and activate the Sikh community to address sensitive issues including child sexual exploitation (grooming).

Sikh Women’s Action Network (SWAN) is an all Sikh female led organisation. We have been instrumental in shaping both local and national policies for supporting victims of domestic and ‘honour’ based abuse. We also work in partnership with the National Sikh Police Association (UK). Strategic workstreams will include awareness, intervention, prevention and victim care. Our volunteers and staff work to the Sikh ethos of ‘equality for all’. We support all victims regardless of age, gender, sexuality or religious belief.

Sikh Women’s Action Network (SWAN)


Who we are

Sikh Assembly comprises multiple management mechanisms in order to deliver our vision. This includes recognised Sikh community members to professionals at the top of their game.

Whom we seek

We need your support to deliver this important platform. Membership of Sikh Assembly means contributing to our historic mission in action. Join us as an individual supporter, sponsor, patron or collaborator. Have pride in your community and the dialogue around Sikhs in the UK.

Our growing database includes responsible individuals and groups with specific interests or transferable skills, from project leaders to volunteers. If this sounds like you, do get in touch.
Please join us and be proud to be part of:
• the leading voice for the Sikh community
• Sikh representation to the broader society
• joining Sikhs engaged in multiple walks of life
• developing ethos based community growth
• the opportunity to develop community projects

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